The Sinner Season 1 Review : The Best TV Show of 2017

We are living in 2017 where everything is a copy of a copy of a copy. In this age to write a satisfying unpredictable crime drama is nearly impossible with the genre being milked to the peak over the years. This is why The Sinner should definitely be a part of your binge list. It not only manages to stay unpredictable throughout it’s eight episodes, it also does wrap up it’s story lines with little to no plot holes.

The Plot

Cora and her sister from the Sinner

Cora and Her Sister. Credits :

The most intriguing part of The Sinner is the story it tells. The first episode kicks off as we are introduced to our main lead Cora Tannetti (played by Jessica Biel) and her family. A seemingly normal woman who is out at the beach with her family snaps and turns into a psycho serial killer after hearing some strange band music from a nearby group of people. She takes the knife which she was using to cut fruit for her child, walks up to the group of people playing the music and stabs the living sh*t out of a guy in one of the most craziest stabbing scenes i have ever seen. This launches the story as we explore the life of Cora Tannetti from the eyes of Detective Harry Ambrose ( played by Bill Pulliman ) as he tries to figure out how Cora went from a family woman with no crime records to a cold blooded murderer.

Every episode takes us closer and closer to the answer. We see memories from Cora’s past, back when she was a child. We are introduced to her overly religious family and her sick sister. These memories play a huge role as the mysteries unfold. The memories lead up to 4th of July 2012 (5 years before the current timeline) , a day where Cora runs away from her family to live with her boyfriend JD. The next thing she remembers is lying on the street with needle marks on her hand two months later. She has no memories of what happened to her in those two months. The rest of the story Cora and Detective Harry trying to figure out what happened to her in those 2 months and how it led to her killing Frankie Belmont ( the guy at the beach ) .

Performances, Direction and Writing

Cora and Harry from the Sinner

Credits: The New York Times

The Sinner is the best show of 2017 not just because of it’s story but also because of its strong cast and direction. Jessica Biel and Bill Pulliman are just spectacular in their roles. Their on screen chemistry is off the charts. Jessica Biel’s acting is breathtaking as you can never guess what her true intentions are from her face. She manages to harness that mysterious aura throughout the season. Her memory flashbacks will always have you on the edge of your seats. And what can i say about Bill Pulliman, he makes the show what it is. His character Harry is beautifully flawed in so many ways. He is in his old age with a broken marriage and the only thing going for him is his job. He is obsessed in finding the answers and we as viewers are put into his shoes as we try to figure out the mystery along with Harry.

The sound track of this show is incredible. They add to the elements of horror as we explore Cora’s past. Some scenes may be bit too graphic for some viewers. Without giving out major spoilers there is a scene where we hear the sound of a major character’s lungs collapse, it still makes me cringe and look away every time I hear it.

Like i said in my intro it is nearly impossible write and direct an unpredictable crime drama in 2017. Yet the Sinner show runners have pulled one straight out of the hat. The show will get you hooked in 2 episodes. You cannot stop watching until you figure out the mystery yourself and that is the sign of a good show.


The Sinner is a perfect crime drama. The Story, Acting, Direction, The Background Music, everything perfect in it's own way. With little to no plot holes we can definitely say that The Sinner is the best TV show of 2017 (So Far) .
  • The Story
  • Incredible Performances from the main lead
  • The Soundtracks

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