Richard Dormer opens up about shooting one of Game of Thrones Most Ambitious Episodes

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One of the only good things about Lady Stoneheart never appearing in Game of Thrones is that the show has kept Beric Dondarrion around. Richard Dormer, the actor who plays the un-killable leader of the Brotherhood without Banners, has been chatting to Empire about shooting the show’s latest blockbuster episode, Beyond the Wall, and how he and his fellow actors coped.

“We were like the band of brothers, it really was a bunch of shock troops. We went through a lot of hardship; a lot of cold, a lot of heat, a lot of rain and wind machines. We had very sore sword arms, bumps and bruises. It was exhausting – that fight sequence took five weeks to shoot on a mountain in winter in Belfast. About two miles away from where I’m talking to you! I can see it from my window, it’s that close to my house. A tough shoot.”

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The actor, who also stars in Fortitude spoke about the advantages of playing Beric.

“It’s a dream for me, because I like to do lots of things, and I’ve been able to go off and do Fortitude and play the lead in that, and movies. And I can come back to this. I’m so glad the character is still alive, and to be part of this epic finale we’re working towards. I love the part of Beric, I think he’s a noble man who is a shade of his former self. He’s got a lot of dignity considering that he’s losing his mind and has lost part of who he is every time he dies and comes back. So he’s kind of the walking dead himself, but he’s animated by the fire god rather than the god of ice, if you like.”

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One of the most pivotal events in Beyond the Wall was the death of Red Priest Thoros which has big consequences for Beric.

He’s mortal and he’s lost his only remaining connection he has to a life that he can’t remember, because he’s been dead so many times before. He’s living in his mind. The only thing he has left is his sense of duty as a soldier, his sense of fighting for the right cause, the cause of goodness. He’s a good man and he looks at Jon Snow and says, “This is a man who has been resurrected as well. We both serve the same god, therefore I’m going to look out for this guy, I’m going to make sure he’s alive, because in the war coming, he’s essential.”

The seventh season of Game of thrones will come to an end this Sunday.

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