Game of Thrones: “Stormborn” Season 7 Episode 2 – 5 Things You Might Have Missed

It’s just the second episode and the Bloodbath has begun. With only 7 episodes this season, the show runners of Game of Thrones have not wasted time and gave us the first battle set piece of the season. The episode did a lot of things to move the story forward. Jon Snow is making his way to Dragon Stone for his meeting with Daenerys, Arya is on her way back to Winterfell, Samwell is trying to cure Jorah , Euron thrashing Yara’s fleet and squashing the sand snakes and Little Finger, well Little Finger is still giving awkward looks to Sansa.

With a lot happening around in the episode, you are sure to have missed some key details, here are some of them….

 1. Daenerys and Aegon – Two Parallels

The episode is titled “Stormborn”, this is a reference to the night Dany was born and ironically we have a similar storm on the day of her return to Winterfell. They even make a reference to it at the beginning of the episode, but what’s interesting is the comparisons made between Aegon and Daenerys. History has a lot of importance in Game of Thrones, if you observe there is strong similarity in certain events. Aegon used Dragon Stone as his base during his quest to conquer Westeros this is exactly where Daenerys is at right now. The map Tyrion uses to plan their attack on the Cersei and King’s Landing was built by none other than Aegon. Besides Aegon had 3 Dragons, Who else has 3 Dragons?

2. Stark Sisters Vs. Little Finger

All Little Finger has been doing this season is giving awkward looks to Sansa, but now that Jon is no longer at Winterfell he will start making his moves towards Sansa, trying to bridge a gap between her and Jon. Sansa seems to already know Littlefinger’s intentions, with Arya making her way back to Winterfell, the Stark Sister’s will have to fend off Little Finger and Whatever he is scheming against them.

The above is the picture from the sets released few months ago, see that little dagger? It belonged to Little Finger. We just might have figured out Arya’s next target.

3.Mad King / Mad Queen

Just like Aegon and Daenerys, the episode did refer a lot to Robert’s Rebellion and the Mad King. Here however the Mad Queen could be Daenerys or Cersei. Cersei blew up the sept using Wild fire in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. In this episode When Jon Snow talks about visiting Dragon Stone, his people tell him how Rickard Stark was invited and burned alive by the Mad King.  Even though there is no signs shown of Dany going Mad, But with Targaryens we can’t quite deny the possibility.

4. Samwell is Narrating the Game of Thrones

The scene in the citadel where the Maester talks about naming his book, Samwell suggests that it should be more poetic. After this scene many fans have been speculating that the whole story in the end will be narrated by Samwell. ” A Song of Ice and Fire” Quite poetic isn’t it.

5. “That’s Not You”

in this episode Arya finally got to meet Nymeria again. In a heartbreaking scene Arya ask’s Nymeria to come with her, to which she refuses and walks away. As Nymeria is walking away Arya says “THAT’S NOT YOU”. This is a reference to Season 1, where Ned Stark asks Arya if she would like to wear a pretty dress and marry some lord some day, to which she refuses. Nymeria, just like Arya can no more be domesticated.

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