Game of Thrones: “Stomborn” Season 7 Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 is here, and we’re still reeling from the many things that happened in it.

Daenerys has camped in Dragonstone, plotting her next move with her many advisors around her. Daenerys steers the conversation towards Varys, questioning his credibility. We couldn’t help but feel a surge of respect for the ‘Spider’ Varys, who claims his loyalty lies with the people of the kingdom, and not with any king. His brave remark is to be commended, as bravery is something we don’t often see from this slippery man whose loyalties were rather dubious.

In comes Melisandre, who is warmly welcomed at Dragonstone. She warns of the fickle nature of prophecies, but informs Daenerys that she may have a role to play, alongside the King in the North. Tyrion Lannister immediately takes things into his hands, writing a letter straight away to his old friend. Daenerys wishes for Jon Snow to bend the knee, but from what we know, Tyrion has conveniently overlooked that little detail.

In the midst of all this, Grey Worm manages to prove to Missendei that his masters didn’t render him completely useless. Ahem.

Cersei has gathered a few of the lords who still remain loyal to her, along with those of uncertain loyalties following House Tyrell’s desertion. She cleverly refers to Daenerys as the ‘Mad King’s daughter’, emphasizing upon her army of Dothraki and Unsullied. She seems to have convinced her lords of her good intentions for the kingdom, but not many seem to be bought into it, especially Randyll Tarly. Jaime sees to it that he wins him over to his side, though. Clever man.

And by the way, Cersei MAY not have reason to fear the dragons all too much. But we’ll have to see for ourselves.

Sam meanwhile, is labouring away at the Citadel. Jorah Mormont is given a day to live as an anointed knight, after which he has to leave for Valyria and spend his remaining days with the stone men. Our new Sam is quite a badass however, demanding why they couldn’t follow a procedure to eradicate greyscale. Despite the archmaester warning him against it, Sam proceeds to do whatever he can to save Jeor Mormont’s only son.

We love the new Sam, though we do recommend not watching him at work on Jorah’s greyscale inflicted body. It may not be the most pleasant visions ever. Well, just a warning.

The scene does shift to a rather pleasant setting at a wayside inn, however.

After her badassery at the Twins, Arya is now headed to King’s Landing with hopes of laying her hands on Queen Cersei. She stops by an inn, where we are treated to a meeting between the little wolf and her old friend Hot Pie. They have a light chat, following which Arya is informed of the new power shift at Winterfell. Hoping to be reunited with her family, she rides back towards the north.

On her way, she is surrounded by a pack of wolves. Cue Nymeria, the direwolf. The brief reunion however, is not as tear-jerking as we expected it to be. It seems the magnificent creature has finally found home. Maybe she’ll make a grand entrance later on to compensate for her curt dismissal of Arya’s pleas, but hey, she’s an alpha female after all, with a ferocious pack to lead.

Back at Winterfell, Jon Snow has received Sam’s letter, telling him that Dragonstone is built on huge mounds of dragonglass. He declares to his army of Northern kings that he intends to seek Daenerys’ alliance. Having seen the white-walkers, he seems to be convinced that saving their lives is a bigger priority than brooding over past wrongdoings. However, most of his allies don’t agree with this. Tyrion’s letter only proves to further cement his decision and he along with Davos prepare to leave for Dragonstone, leaving Sansa in command at Winterfell.

Before he takes his leave, he stops for a moment at the crypts, beside the stone statue of Eddard Stark. Littlefinger appears, starting off a highly unpleasant conversation. We’re reminded of how Jon resembles Ned (perhaps even more than Robb did), as he grabs Littlefinger around his throat, threatening of severe consequences if he so much as speaks to his sister. A tender, wordless moment is shared between Sansa and Jon as he waves to her before riding for Dragonstone, leaving a slightly tense Sansa behind.

Ellaria Sand meanwhile is escorted back to Dorne by Yara and Theon, along with her three daughters. Ellaria and Yara seem to get along VERY well, but Yara is called to duty all too soon. Her ships are being bombarded with fire, and Euron Greyjoy makes his entrance, pirate-style. He kills two of the Sand sisters and takes Yara captive, calling out to Theon to come save his sister. Theon watches the bloody massacre around him and it’s something of a throwback to his Reek days.

He jumps into the water, and swims away as Yara tears up. It will be a little hard for Theon to redeem himself in the Iron Queen’s eyes, but maybe his staying alive might prove useful to her.

It is surprising Euron actually let him escape that easily, though. Wasn’t he saying he wanted to kill his nephew and niece?

For better or worse, Theon is left floating in the water, sadly gazing at the now decimated fleet of ships all around him. You actually feel sorry for him, yes.

As for Easter Eggs, we have a separate article for that.

  • Arya-Nymeria Reunion
  • Sam's Newfound Attitude
  • Euron's Villain aura

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