‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 5: Eastwatch Review and Easter Eggs

With only 2 episodes remaining this season, Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 titled Eastwatch did a quick work of wrapping up and bringing together a whole lot of story lines, all at one go. The episode was lit with tons of fan service and pivot plot moments that will prove to be important as the story moves forward.

Game of Thrones has spent a heck lot of time, mostly the first 6 seasons in setting up storylines like Jon Snow being a Targaryen, Daenerys arriving at Westeros and both coming together to defeat their common enemies and rid the world from white walkers, The Song of Ice and Fire. It’s been a long journey, the last six seasons not just for Jon and Dany but for all our main characters like Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, Jaimie, Cersei, Davos, Gendry, The Hound, The Brotherhood, Jorah, Samwell. All these characters had separate storylines, and at some point they also had some interactions with each other.

When we saw Tyrion leave King’s Landing after murdering his father and later joining Daenerys, we always used to wonder how it would be if he ever got to meet Jaimie, his brother again. We always used to wonder what it would be like for Jon to meet one of the dragons. How would that interaction be like. Another one of those is finding out what the hell happened to Gendry? Is he still rowing on that boat. That’s not all, we all were left curious when Jorah had to leave Dany to find a cure for Grey Scale. Fans have been waiting for a possible reunion between the two ever since they got separated. Gendry and the Brotherhood also had a fair share of history. Last but not the least we always wanted the Stark Family to be under the same roof once again.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is answering these questions and we got most of the answers in Season 7 Episode 5: “East Watch”.

The episode was a culmination of lots of storylines. They had very little time to pull these off so the episode was full of time skips that might leave some fans annoyed. The episode started with where it left off with Daenerys burning the life out of the Lannister Army and capturing the ones left alive. Jaimie though, managed to escape from his head being burned off by Drogon thanks to Bronn. However the Tarly’s weren’t all that lucky as they refused to bend the knee to Daenerys. Despite Tyrion’s plea Daenerys went full blown Mad Queen as she took a page from her fathers book and burned the Tarly’s alive. The show has teased Dany embracing her fathers madness many times but i don’t think they’ll direct the stroy in that route. Like Varys said to Tyrion all she needs is a good counsel to guide her, which she has.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Gilly Dropping a Huge Bombshell

Credits : Den of Geek

Speaking Tarly’s we got Samwell making a run from the Citadel with everything he can grab. We got a huge name drop of Rhaegar’s annulment that will come into play as they have to prove R+L = J, also confirming that Jon Snow is not Rhaegar’s bastard but a legitimate son with right to the throne ahead of Daenerys. Another confirmation we got about Jon Snow’s real parentage was the scene with Drogon. Dragons have this ability to identify Targaryen blood. The scene with Drogon is another confirmation that Jon snow is not a Stark Bastard but a Targaryen prince who should be sitting on the Iron Throne.

We had a couple more bombshells, with Arya finding Sansa’s letter which she was forced to write to Robb following the death of her father asking Robb to come to King’s Landing and bend the knee to Joffrey way back in Season 1 . Little Finger drove Arya straight into that letter knowing that she is unaware of the circumstances under which Sansa had to write that letter. He knows that the only way he can survive is if he can turn the Stark Family against each other. Another one of those bombshells was at King’s Landing with Cersei telling Jaimie about her pregnancy. Let’s face it Cersei is not gonna have a happy ending, with the Valonqar theory under the looms, the fate of that baby doesn’t look good.

We got to see some highly anticipated reunions. Tyrion meets his brother Jaimie trying to convince him to join forces and fight the white walkers. We can see Jaimie slowly changing his mind against fighting for Cersei, but after hearing about the baby, Jaimie has pretty much no other choice but to stay on Cersei’s side. After almost 4 seasons we finally got to see what happened to Gendry. He was pretty much still at King’s Landing, but now he is a war hammer wielding bad ass who is ready to beat the sh*t out of White Walkers.

And how can we not stop thinking about that battle happening next episode. We got Jon Snow, The Brotherhood without Banners, Gendry, Tormund and the Wildlings against a whole white walker army. Things look super lit as we can’t for the 6th episode of Game of Thrones airing on 20th of August 2017

Easter Eggs and References

  1. Gendry and Jon, Robert and Ned. Another striking resemblance to events of Robert’s Rebellion.
  2. Drogon identifying Jon’s Targaryen blood. More proof for R+L=J Theory.
  3. Gendry’s warhammer is very similar to the one Robert wielded during his rebellion. Like father like son.
  4. The letter Arya found was written by Sansa in season 1 informing Robb about the death of Ned Stark. Cersei forced Sansa to write the letter asking for Robb to come to King’s Landing and bend the knee.
  5. Gilly name dropped Rhaegar Targaryen’s annulment with another women ( Lyanna Stark ). They are very close to finding proof about Jon Snow’s real parentage.
  6. One of the Maesters at the Citadel name dropped  Jenny of Oldstones , she was the wife of Duncan Targaryen.
  7. This is one of the rarest episode of Game of Thrones to feature all the major characters in one episode. We got to see everyone except the Greyjoy’s.

  • All the Reunions
  • Little Finger's Plan
  • Gendry Back in Action
  • Setting up the huge battle
  • Some Crazy Time Skips

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